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Morality and Cyber Reality
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Morality and Cyber Reality is a project that explores the ethical and social implications of cyber security in the digital age. It focuses on various issues such as fake news, trolls, clickbait, conspiracy theories and useful idiots. It also explores cognitive methods of collecting information, such as profiling media users, personalizing profiles and personalizing ads. It delves into the impact of new media on the brain and human psyche, as well as modern democracy and democratic life in the context of cyber reality. Through its research, the project aims to promote critical thinking and ethical behavior in the digital world.


The project is implemented under the Accreditation in the Erasmus+ Program in the Youth sector.

Podcast 1 - Cybersecurity
Podcast 2 - Cyberbullying
Podcast 3 - Procrastination
Podcast 4 - Meditation
Podcast 5 - Identity in cyber reality
Podcast 6 - Digital Hygiene
Podcast 7 - AI
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